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Altai is one of the places in Russia that you must visit at least once in your life. The guide to the Republic of Altai includes all kinds of attractions, from familiar museums to unique natural and ethnographic monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Tour program
Day 1
Rafting down the Katun river.
Meeting in Barnaul/Biysk/Gorno-Altaisk.
Transfer to Uznezya village
Transfer to the hotel Salyut.
Rafting down the Katun river
On the rafting trip we will pass over two cataracts –Iradash and Seminskiy, at the end we will visit Kamyshlinsky waterfall.
Dinner in the hotel.
Day 2
The Tour of Chui tract
Breakfast at a hotel
Breakfast at the hotel.
Journey to Aktash village – travelling all day
The route runs through the Chui tract which is famous for its beautiful views. This route hit the top 10 most beautiful roads in the world by National Geographic Russia in 2016.
On the way we will get acquainted with the ancient culture of Altai visiting different archeological sites – nomad graves, rock paintings and ancient obelisks – monuments to the ancient warriors.
We will have to go through 2 mountain passes: Seminsky (1850m high) and Chike-Taman (1200m high).
Accommodation in the hotel "Rasul" in Aktash village
Tasty dinner at the best cafe of Aktash.
Day 3
Travel along the Chuya river. Hike along the Maashey river.
Breakfast in the hotel.
A day hike. We go by UAZ vehicle to the mouth of the Maashey river, where we will be greeted by the guide with horses.
Hike along the Maashey river will take about 5 hours including picnic.
Setting up the camp in the mouth of the Karakabak river, having a dinner and talking in front of campfire.
The real Russian bath house with ice cold water from the Karabarak river. Lodging in the tents.
Day 4
Day trip to the Maashei glacier.
Early breakfast
This day our primary goal is to reach one of the biggest glaciers of Altai – the Maashei glacier.
We will have a picnic once we reach the moraine – a naturally formed accumulation of stones.
Returning to the base camp, having a fireside dinner.
The real Russian bath house with ice cold water from the Karabarak river. Lodging in the tents.
Day 5
Day trip to the Karabarak lakes.
The path to the lakes winds along the Karabarak river through the larch-trees and honeysuckle, the path leads to the mountain tundra zone with bushes of dwarf burch.
Five lakes of the Karabarak valley amaze by unreal turquois color, there are colorful meadows of bloomy gentian, globeflowers and columbine around the lakes.
Having a picnic on the shore of one of the lakes.
Returning to the base camp, having a fireside dinner.
The real Russian bath house with ice cold water from the Karabarak river. Lodging in the tents.
Day 6
Hike along the Maashei river. Moving to the Aktru gorge.
An early breakfast
Descending on already known track to the valley of Chui river, to the mouth of the Maashei river. Moving to the mountaineering camp in the Aktru gorge. On the way stopping by the geyser pool.
Continue the journey in the Kurai village by UAZ or GAZ vehicle.
Accommodating in the mountaineering camp of Aktru in the 4-bedded rooms.
Dinner at the base. Hot shower or bath on your request.
Day 7
The day trip to the Aktru glacier.
You can choose between two options: going to the Small Aktru glacier or the Big Aktru glacier with a guide.
The point is to reach the Blue Lake (2840m).
Picnic on the way. Returning to the base camp.
Having a dinner in the dining room at the base. Hot shower or bath on your request.
Day 8
The day trip to the Uchitel pass, View on Kuray steppe.
This day we will take a final trip upwards the steep path.
We will reach the Uchitel pass, 3050 meters high!
There is a wonderful view on Kuray steppe on the top of the pass. And on the other side you will see a great view on the Aktru gorge and other
mountain tops: for example the Peak Aktru 4044m tall.
A picnic
Returning to the base. Having a dinner in the dining room. Hot shower
Day 9
Altai Mars. Return by Chui tract.
Going to Kurai village by UAZ or GAZ offroaders, where you can change offroader to a comfortable car.
Passing Chui tract through Kurai steppe, enjoying views of the snow-covered North Chui ridge.
Reaching Kyzyl-Chin known as Altai Mars located near the village of Chagan-Uzun.
We will have a hour-long trip up to the Martian landscapes.
Going back to the Uznezya village by Chui tract.
There will be several stops along the way
Having a lunch at the café in Aktash.
Cjeck-in, the hotel "Salut"
The farewell dinner
Day 10

Getting lunchboxes for breakfast
Departure to Gorno-Altaisk / Biysk / Barnaul.
Arrival at 8:00 / 11:00 / 15:00 respectively.
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