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The city is also famous for Akademgorodok, one of the most important scientific and educational centers of Russia. On its territory there are lots of research institutes, the Presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Novosibirsk State University.
Every year cultural events are organized at the national and international levels: festivals of science fiction (White Spot), documentary films (Meetings in Siberia), youth subcultures (Znaki), Celtic music and dance (Anima Celtica) and others.
Novosibirsk was built on the banks of the longest river of Russia, the Ob. Also, the city is the central point of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. You can find out how this city was founded at the Museum of the History of the West Siberian Railway. The museum has a large collection of steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, wagons, mainly working on the railways of Western Siberia. In addition, the museum's collection contains Soviet cars GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant), Moskvich, ZAZ (Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant) of different years of production, as well as several trucks, tractors and all-terrain vehicles.

Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History and Nature
The museum was founded in 1920. There are more than 200,000 different artefacts. In the museum you will find a collection of religious treasures, along with a number of Altai shaman coats, some interesting cutaways of pioneer houses. complex includes the Museum of Nature, Museum of Siberia's communication, Museum of the Olympic Glory, "House-Museum of Sergei Kirov in Siberia", and a branch of Suzun Mint in the working settlement of Suzun in the Novosibirsk region.
Scientific center
Akademgorodok – the scientific center of Siberia
Located about 20 km south of the center of Novosibirsk. The name literally means "the town of academicians" and was founded in 1957. On its territory there are dozens of research institutes, such as: the Presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk State University, and a physics and mathematics school.
Some people call it "Silicon Forest".
USSR Museum
This small museum conducts master classes, teaching to work with a birch bark, embroider and make protective amulet-dolls. The collection includes but is not limited to household items and clothing of the Soviet era, typewriters, badges and other easily recognizable signs of the time. Once you are inside you are free to roam about the several small rooms, take photos and touch every item.
Chapel of St Nicholas
Thanks to people's donations the chapel was built in 1914 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. The temple was dedicated to Saint Nicholas, one of the most popular saints in Russia. It was demolished in the 1930s, but reconstructed in 1993. The chapel unofficially marked the geographical centre of Russia back in 1915.

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