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Sakhalin attracts travelers through the diversity of landscapes and a unique mix of Russian and Japanese cultures. There are mountains, beaches, waterfalls, lakes, thermal springs, and the nature of the island itself, which is so different from the mainland, is quite an attraction.

A special position on Sakhalin is occupied by the Japanese heritage. The Japanese owned the southern half of the island for forty years – from 1905 to 1945 – and left behind many peculiar buildings, monuments, military structures.

The recovery on Sakhalin is active in the majority. These are various fishing and hunting tours, ecotourism, hikes, underwater hunting, jeep tours, the ski resort. This amazing island contains everything you need for an active holiday, and all this is close to the incredible beauty of nature.

The Lighthouse
Aniva Lighthouse
Aniva Lighthouse is one of the most inaccessible lighthouses in Russia. For almost 80 years, the lighthouse saved the seagoing ships from sinking on the rocky coasts. The author of the project was engineer Miura Shinobu, a graduate of Kanagawa University of Technology. The new lighthouse was the most complex technical structure in all of Sakhalin and one of the most interesting achievements in lighthouse construction in the world. The complexity of the construction was that all the necessary materials had to be delivered here by ship in the conditions of the always turbulent sea. The lighthouse no longer works.
(Fotos from: https://simplebeyond.com/neglect-lighthouse-aniva/)
The Cape
The Marble Cape
This cape is hard to miss — a huge white lump rises from the water, covered only with green moss. Next to it lie the pieces of marble, as if unmelted ice floes after the winter cold. Since ancient times, marble has been highly valued not only for its beautiful structure, but also for its magical properties. It is said that if people who are unhappy in life will wear marble, it will help them find true, faithful and mutual love.
(Fotos from: https://afisha.sakh.com/action/mys_mramornyy_2017/)
The Cape
The Cape "Giant"
The cape "Giant" is a monument of nature, one of the most beautiful lake shores of Sakhalin. In its outline, someone can see a lion from the sea, someone mysterious castle and someone the head of a hero-giant. The stone arches, created by nature's greatest architect, impress with their size. On the peaks of the rocks and arches, screaming seagulls cavort, sailors sit proudly. Here you can observe one of nature's most amazing phenomena — the spawn of Pacific salmon, if your trip takes place from July to August.
(Fotos from: https://sakhalin.info/weekly/155853)
The Mud Volcano
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Mud Volcano
Mud volcanism is a very interesting and mysterious phenomenon closely linked to the tectonic activity of the ground. The total number of mud volcanoes known on Earth exceeds 700. The Yuzhno- Sakhalinsk mud volcano is located 24 km from the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and has the status of a geological monument. Here you can feel the breath of the earth.
(Fotos from: https://sakhalinmedia.ru/news/536071/)
The Bay
The Bay of Tranquility
The Bay of Tranquility is an extremely picturesque and amazing place located in the Bay of Patience on the east coast of Sakhalin. On the territory of the bay grow rose hips, mountain angelica, and other plants. In the bay it is good to fish by boat. In general, the silence in the bay is not comparable to anything, however, sometimes the seagulls disturb the peace.
(Fotos from: https://idilesom.com/sakh/places/photos/30)
The Amber Banks
Since the third millennium BC, amber has been the best gemstone that has passed through all centuries and peoples to this day. Amber has been attributed magical and medicinal properties that have been used to create the most beautiful works of art. In southern Sakhalin you can also find the "sunny" stone. The Naiba River carries amber from the valley into the cold waters of the Sea of Okhotsk, which generously shares its treasure with us after each storm. You may be lucky enough to find a small piece of frozen "sunlight". It will remind you of a trip to a distant treasure island Sakhalin.
(Fotos from: http://region65.com/yantarnye-polya-na-saxaline/)
Temple of wisdom
The Frog Mountain
Mount Vestochka and Mount Frog are natural places of power located on sakhalin Island at a distance of about 20 km from the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. They were the sacred objects of the Ain people and fulfilled the function of the energetic spiritual center of the island. The indigenous people of Sakhalin believed that the spirits of their people lived on Mount Vestochka. They worshipped the frog as a temple of wisdom. In our time, the unusual properties of the remains are preserved — it is recommended to come here to solve questions of the choice of life path. On the mountain slope grow spruce, raspberry, rosehip, blueberry, also you can find lily of the valley, crosses. In the untouched forests live various animals: brown bear, reindeer, sable, otter, musk animale, etc.
(Fotos from: https://turbina.ru/guide/Ostrov-Sakhalin-Rossiya-130669/Zametki/Skala-Lyagushka-96199/)
The Waterfall
The Aichor waterfall
The Aichor waterfall is located 5 kilometers along the route from the settlement Vestochka in the upper reaches of the Komissarovka river . The water stream falls from a height of 8 meters and plunges down the rapids of the river. The way to the waterfall runs through the amazing places: first the steep bank of the Komissarovka river, then through jungle, which has not seen an axe and forest fires. And in the waterfall itself you can even swim. The way back leads over a steep hill on which an earthquake spread huge boulders 800 years ago.
(Fotos from: https://sakhalin.info/weekly/122254)
The Cape
The Cape of Slepikovsky
This is a state natural monument of regional importance. A natural complex includes a number of flora and fauna objects that occur only here. Under the protection of the state are about 200 species of higher vascular plants, 12 species of mammals, 5 species of amphibians, 2 species of reptiles and 80 species of birds.
(Fotos from: https://sakhtravel.com/ekskursii/vse-tury/sivuchi-v-nevelske)
The sea lions
Visiting the sea lions
On the southwest coast of Sakhalin is one of the really wild amazing places in the world where you can see a whole lounger of sea lions. Unusually, it is close to the city of Nevelsk. Such places there are only 3 in the world, one of them is in the American city of Seattle, and two in Russia in Kamchatka and Sakhalin. On this exciting journey, you can immerse yourself in the wild wildlife for a few hours and feel like you're part of the wilderness.
(Fotos from: http://virtual-ostrov.ru/rukotvornye-obekty/majak-na-myse-slepikovskogo/)
The Lakes
Turquoise blue lakes
Novikovo is the southeasternmost place of Sakhalin, which is comfortably located on the shores of Aniva Bay. A century ago, the settlement of Novikovo emerged as the center of the island's coal industry, which affected up to 80% of the production of all germanium in the Soviet Union. Today, mining is stopped, and lakes were formed on the site of the quarries, combined with the picturesque outlines of the surrounding hills. Some of the lakes have an unusual turquoise blue color. In total, there are 14 small and 6 large lakes in this area. A visit to an abandoned Japanese power plant and a walk along the high shores of artificial lakes will open up picturesque views and fantastic panoramas.
(Fotos from: https://pikabu.ru/story/novikovo_karernyie_ozyora_6194414)
The Cape
The Cape "Three Stones"
You will get a unique opportunity to visit a local attraction – the Cape "Three Stones". These are the rocks of natural origin. The stone composition looks very picturesque. The largest stone looks like an older brother, behind his back, at the edge of the water, hid the middle "brother", and behind these two strong "brothers", right on the shore stands the little "brother".
(Fotos from: https://yuri-maksimov.livejournal.com/2376.html)
The Bridge
The Witches' Bridge and the Devil's Bridge
Not far from the city of Holmsk, the old Japanese railway, built in the first half of the 20th century, has been preserved. One of the most interesting sections of this railway are two bridges - the Devil's Bridge and the Witches' Bridge, built by the Japanese between the hills in 1928. The tunnels at the bottom of the bridges are up to 900 meters long. Relatively few trains were still running on this route. The train service was carried out from 1928 to 1994. With you we have to walk a few kilometers on this railway before we are near the Devil's Bridge. Our path continues through tunnels and bridges where you will see the beauty and magnificence of these structures.
(Fotos from: https://idilesom.com/sakh/places/photos/123)
The Salmon
Salmon spawn (August-September)
Excursion to the salmon spawning grounds. Have you ever visited the spawning area of the fish? If not yet, then we invite you to a fascinating tour through the spawning grounds of salmon. With you we will visit the largest spawning grounds of salmon on Sakhalin. You will see how the fish rises through the water from the sea into the river, how lays caviar. On the way we come to the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, whose beauty will not leave you indifferent.
(Fotos from: https://sakhtravel.com/ekskursii/vse-tury/nerest-lososya)

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