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The former Russian capital – Saint Petersburg, a city with a revolutionary spirit.
the «Northern Venice», the artist-driven cultural city of Russia – Saint Petersburg.
Try to get a glimpse of the golden spire topped with a flying angel during the visit to the Peter and Paul Cathedral and see the works by Leonardo da Vinci at the Hermitage, which will leave you breathless.
the birthplace of St Petersburg. Have a look at the most controversial statue of Peter the Great or throw a coin onto the top of the hare figurine
The Hermitage Museum
The largest art gallery in Russia and one of the most adored art museums in the world, which boasts 353 rooms, filled with masterpieces by Raphael, Titian, Giorgione, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and others. The total number kept by the museum tallies to somewhere around 3 million. You can visit the Knights' Room where you can find a wide range of tournament, parade and hunting gear, as well as armour, edged weapons and firearms. The room of Ancient Egypt contains an Egyptian mummy. Perhaps one of the most interesting fact about the Hermitage is it's own private "army" of cats. They live in the basement of the museum and are well taken care of by the employees.
Amber room
The Amber room in Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo)
See a perfect example of Russian baroque, Catherine the Great's favorite summer residence and the home to the world - famous Amber Room. Inside Catherine's Palace there is the admirable luxurious furniture in the palace's Grand hall and the 'Golden Hall', the front hall, and of course restored 'Amber Room'. The Catherine Palace is one of St. Petersburg's most popular visitor attractions.
Painting class
Matryoshka-doll painting class
Visit to the Matryoshka-doll painting class. Paint your own matryoshka-doll being taught by a professional artist in one of the cafes. Set your creativity free and design your own doll! You will be provided with matryoshka-dolls (one per person), acrylic paint and all other necessary items for the process. This is a great entertainment not just for children but also for adults. After finishing painting your doll you can enjoy a cup of tea with some real Russian pancakes.
The Peterhof estate
Peterhof palace was built by famous Peter the Great. It was his summer palace and he's filled it in with paintings he brought from his European voyages. Peter the Great was inspired by some French palaces built by king Louis XIV. That's why Peterhof is often called 'Russian Versailles' and is today UNESCO World Heritage site. You can visit The Grand Fountain Cascade, Lower Gardens, Upper Gardens and the Grand Palace.
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