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If you are looking for something unique, you are on the right track.
There are so many unexplored and incredible beauty places in Russia, where almost no human has ever set foot -
Shantar islands is one of them.

Whale Watching is a captivating, impressive spectacle and an exciting, unforgettable adventure. It is especially fascinating when whales, these huge marine mammals, jump out of the sea with cosmic velocity and splash water around to greet you. Do not miss this breath-taking performance.
Whale watching in the Okhotsk Sea
Tour program
Day 1
The starting point is the airport of Khabarovsk
Travel to the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk (this part of the trip will take 22-36 hours)
Whale watching in the Okhotsk Sea
Day 2
Arrival to the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk
Travel by a high-speed covered boat to get to a comfortable campsite

Get ready for a delicious seafood dinner and a real bathhouse (banya)
Day 3-6

Early morning transfer to the largest island of the archipelago - Bolshoy Shantar
You will see rare species of birds and bears which are on Russia's list of seriously endangered species. The shoreline of the Shantar Islands is a home to seals, bowhead whales and North Pacific right whales.
In the evening you will get a chance to go fishing.
We strive to make your experience fun and entertaining.
You will spend the night in tent
"Banya" is included
Day 7

Early morning transfer to the Vrangel bay.
Dozens of rare species of plants and animals can be found here. Dozens of waterfalls rush down from the steep Shantar shores.
Day 8-10

This is the moment you have been waiting for! The local whales are calm and not afraid of vessels, and they often let people get quite close to them. Sometimes they get so close to the shore, they can be observed several meters from land.
You might also see the bearded seal, largha seal and ringed seal.
Please note we cannot guarantee 100% presence of whales.
Day 11

Return to Khabarovsk
Whale watching in the Okhotsk Sea
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Important information
  • Accommodation according to the program;
  • Meals according to the program
  • German-speaking or English-speaking tour guide;
  • Train tickets;
  • Entry tickets to all museums in the program;
  • Radio guide for groups;
  • All local taxes
Whale watching in the Okhotsk Sea
  • Region
  • Okhotsk Sea
  • Difficulty
  • Basic
  • Duration
  • 11 days
Whale watching in the Okhotsk Sea
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