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The Peter and Paul convent
The Peter and Paul women's monastery has existed for 16 years. The location on the lakeshore Petropavlovskoje was chosen by the Orthodox Church at the beginning of the 20th century, but the construction of the monastery and the Peter and Paul Church was discontinued immediately after construction began in 1905. In the post-Soviet period, an Orthodox community in honor of the apostles was formed in the village of Petropavlovka. On December 26, 2003, the community was converted into the women's monastery of the same name. Today there are two churches on the territory of the monastery: the Church of St. Peter and Paul and the Church of St. Michael. The nuns painted all the icons themselves. There are also other buildings: a guest house, a cafeteria for nuns, a cowshed and a chicken coop. In one building there are separate rooms for nuns, a mosaic workshop, an icon painting workshop and an embroidery room. The nuns work in the bee garden, in the greenhouse, milk the cows and get quark, milk, cheese, fruit and honey. The only women's monastery in the Khabarovsk region is an important place of the Orthodox Church.
Village of Riding Dogs "Hasi-Buri"
The village of the northern riding dogs "Hasi-Buri" is a family initiative. They breed riding dogs or pick them up from animal shelters. The riding dogs take part in various regional equestrian championships. In the village, citizens ride dog sleds, hike, go on two-day tours. It became popular with the Khabarovsk families to spend the weekend in the village. Whole classes of students come to the village, students from orphanages, foreigners - Japanese, Koreans, Mongolians. You visit the aviary with dogs, feed the animals, pet them.

Village "Hasi-Buri" offers:

• Shooting at targets (Russian hunting firearms)
• Dog sledding
• Dog sledding at night
• Expedition on dog sleds
• Visit to an aviary with riding dogs and a story about their living conditions
• Photos with dogs
• Souvenirs
• Meal in the café or in the pavilion, cozy tea drinking
• Getting acquainted with the riding dogs' equipment and inventory
• Walk with the riding dogs

The male Monastery and the Church
The first in the region Khabarovsk Monastery is located on the Orthodox settlement Belovodye. For the building of the church, which still needs to be built, one uses the old chemical protective camp that is located underground. The church is the name of Orthodox Martyr Ekaterina Arskaya. In the Monastery today live four monks, which also help in the construction of the Church. In the future you would like to build a Russian Orthodox village near the Monastery and Church, which represent and keep the culture, traditions and lifestyle of Orthodox believers will.
The fish farming plant in the village of Naihin
On the territory there are two workshops: salmon breeding and calga freight workshop. The director of the workshops tells about the peculiarities of salmon, the technology of fish farming and the equipment of the fish farming plant. The caviar is first mature in the special boxes and then counted by hand. From the mature caviar then the young fish are bred and dismissed in the spring flow in spring and autumn. According to the State Order, about 30 million young fish are grown annually. The exempted fish are immediately frozen and sold in fish shops.

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