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The Nanai village of Dzhari
The Nanai is the Amur tribe and also indigenous inhabitants of the Russian Far East. Nanai village of Dzhari is a center of Nanai culture revival of Khabarovsk region. The children and adults learn their language, dance, songs and traditions. When visiting the village, the Nanaians offer a performance with dancing, singing and poetry. The reception of guests begins with the national ritual of "cleansing" from all evil. Guests can also take part in fish skin processing workshops. The Nanai used fish skin to sew clothes and boots for themselves. As there was no fabric trade in the past with the Russians or Chinese, one of the duties of a woman was to provide clothes for the whole family.To keep this culture alive, the Nanai pass the knowledge down from generation to generation.
The Nanai village of Sikachi-Alyan
The Nanai settlement in the village of Sikatchi-Alyan demonstrates the national culture and way of life of the Nanai Amur people. A Nanai family meets the guests with a ritual of "purification" from the evil spirits. The hostess tells about how the indigenous people lived in this area 100 years ago. The family museum and photos of the ancestors create the atmosphere of the time travel. You will be participating in the workshop about fish processing and preparation of Nanai specialties. At a leisurely lunch you can taste the national dishes of the Amur people. The costumes presented in the museum are sewn by hand and decorated with traditional ornaments. They can also be used for photo sessions. On the fresh In the air, the host explains the rules of the national games of the people and you can also try to play. The settlement is located in the middle storm of the Amur River, right on the bank. Here you can observe the full width and strength of the river. Boating is a great way to enjoy the beautiful river views. The family offers a short trip to the sacred site of the petroglyph collection on the banks of the Amur. These are the rock carvings of prehistoric times that are more than 13000 years old. There is also an opportunity to buy souvenirs made by the family.
The Cossack Museum in the settlement of Belovodye
The museum shows the life, traditions, culture and history of the Cossacks who lived on the Amur. In the museum you can get acquainted with the exhibition "The Ataman's Room". The Cossack troops came to the border between Russia and China in the 16th century Order of Tsar Alexander II. The Cossack troops on the Amur River were about 20,000 in 1880. They took part in World War I and in the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. After the civil war of 1918-1922, the Cossacks immigrated to China. The exhibition tells the story of the development of the Far East from the point of view of the warriors.In the museum you can find the old samovar, the Cossack rifle, letters from the field post, photos, old books, old icons, a spinning wheel, old dishes and more You can order lunch in the museum or drink tea with Far Eastern spices in comfort.As a souvenir, guests can take part in a workshop and make a souvenir.

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