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Anyuysky National Park

The Anyuysky National Park covers more than 450 hectares of wild taiga and beautiful landscapes. Amur tigers, forest cats, sables and collar bears live here. You can spend the night in a glamping hotel. It is the only hotel of this type in Russia that is located on the territory of the national reserve.

Why is it worth visiting the Park?:
  • This is the territory of the national reserve. The Anyuysky National Park is set up to preserve the population of Amur tigers. More than 20 Amur tigers live on its territory.
  • You can see many animals and birds that are included in the Red Book: sable, mink, fish owl, white eagle and others.
  • Watch the bears and Amur tigers from the special photo traps.
  • The sightseeing and mountaineering on the unusual rocks "Nadge", the mountain "Tordoki-Jani" and on the beautiful mountain "The sister" leaves no one indifferent.
  • Rafting on the Anyuysky River
  • Fishing in the Anyuyskyj river: you can also fish for a salmon
  • Get to know the indigenous people of this area - the Nanai and their way of life.
  • Taste Far Eastern specialties

The glamping hotel has:
  • 10 meter high tent with panorama window has a bar and relaxation area with comfortable armchairs.
  • 5 Zelte sind für drei Personen geeignet: ein Doppelbett und ein Einzelbett. Jedes Zelt hat Strom, Tücher, Bettwäsche. Die Zelte haben Blick auf den Fluss Anuj und Felsen.
  • russische Sauna (Banja)
  • Waschbecken und Klo sind auf dem Territorium des Hotels.
  • Grillplatz mit Feuer
  • Bootsanleger

Guesthouse Anuysky Bereg
This guesthouse is located on the confluence of two mountain rivers: Anuj and Manoma near the National Park "Anuj". The guesthouse is two-storey. On the first floor is a cozy living room with dining room, TV, karaoke, sports equipment, and sofas. Also there is an equiped kitchen, the toilet. On the second floor is a shower, a clo, two bedrooms for two and four people. From the terrace on the second floor you can enjoy a beautiful view of the river. The nice hosts Larissa And Alex meet the tourists with Russian specialties, Vodka and snacks. The guesthouse Anujskij Bereg helps to recover from the city noise and to grab fresh air.

The guesthouse offers:
• Russian sauna (Banya)
• Fishing in the mountain rivers
• On-foot routes
• Boating
• Children's playground
• Ride with quad bike
• Swimming pool (in summer)
• Swing
• Grilling on the free air

The national nature reserve Durminskoye
The nature reserve Durminskoye is located in the Taiga, right on the habitat of the wild animals. You can stay in a tourist hostel. Here you can meet the traces of the wild boars and raisins. On the territory of the reserve live four tiger, some more go through a few more. The territory of the tourist hostel. At least one of the Tiger women goes directly between the houses once a month. Therefore, dogs are closed here for the night in plaisers. On the tourist hostel there are four houses for visitors. Each of them is named after the name of the animal who lives in the reserve: the house "Eber", the house "raisins", the house "Bär", the house "Marder". Alexander Batalov (the owner of the reserve) and his employees live in the same houses who are in the same houses Center of the tourist hostel are located. Each house has its individual style that corresponds to its name and can record up to two visitors. In every house there is electricity (220W), fireplace and all necessary furniture. The accommodation is simple, but at the same time it is clean and cozy. Guests receive three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). These are national Russian dishes from local products, including game and fish, mushrooms and berries collected in Taiga, vegetables. Not far from Durminskoye there is a plantation of the ginseng and freshwater pool, in which one can fishing or other fish fishing.

What does Durminskoye offer:
• The acquaintance with the wildlife of the Ussurian Taiga.
• The acquaintance with the plant world of the Ussurian Taiga.
• The possibility to see collar bears (end of July - early August)
• Observation from the hiding place.
• Visit small beehives and cost different varieties of honey from different plants.
• Fishing on ornas (the fishing gear is available).
• Overnight in a winter hut.
• In the evening picnic at the campfire.
• Berries, nuts, gather fungi.
• Sport shooting with guns.
• Checking photo traps.
    The Utes center of rehabilitation of wild animals
    The regional foundation for the preservation of biodiversity and rehabilitation of wildlife of Khabarovsk, is a non-commercial public organization officially emerged in June 1998 in the Khabarovsk region. The foundation is located near the settlement Kutusovka in the Sihote-Alin Nature Reserve. The rehabilitation center is about 140 km from the city of Khabarovsk. The most important tasks of the Center "Utes" are the preservation of the unique nature area and its threatened animal and plant species; Ecological education and education of the population through popular scientific excursions, the formation of good conditions for the provisional attitude of sick, injured and motherless wildlife with their later Release. The plant diversity of this area is also varied: trees such as linden, ash, oaks, esps, eleven and poplars less well-known and rare species such as string of the cork tree, different lianas such as Schisandra and Ginseng. From the center of Utesh are about 14000 copies of approx. 14000 copies of Cedar was planted, which are the most important food source for wild boars and Far Eastern deer.
    (Fotos from: http://cliff-khv.ru/)

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