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The "MeetMeat" restaurant
The restaurant is located on the main street of the city, right in the center. The interior and quiet surroundings of the lobby ensure a pleasant stay. The cloakroom is located on the ground floor, where guests are welcomed by the reception. There is a stylish playground for children before climbing up to the second floor. There are two bars on the second floor, where black and red tones dominate. In the main hall there are several tables and a high table in the middle, where a large twelve-person party can be seated. Despite the fact that, in general, the interior looks classic and restrained, it is easy to find interesting details to look at. For example, it can be ceiling lights or paintings on the walls. All furnishings from napkins and boxes to paintings, a fireplace and a small stage are tastefully combined. Although the restaurant's entire menu is placed on one page, diners can try different types of marbled beef steak. The menu is divided into snacks, salads, soups, meat and fish. There are European and Asian starters.
(Fotos from: https://habinfo.ru/mit-mit-habarovsk-meet-meat/)
The restaurant "Russky"
The restaurant "Russky" offers dishes of Russian and Far Eastern cuisine. The restaurant has a VIP room for 8 people, a room for 20, 25 and 50 people. Each room is decorated with traditional Russian details. The waitresses wear national clothes. Every Friday and Saturday there is live music, DJ, competitions and gifts.
(Fotos from: https://russian-ml.ru/)
The Italian restaurant "Vdrova"
The restaurant is located on the main street of the city of Khabarovsk, in the very center. In the foyer the guests are met by a nicely dressed fool who goes on a short excursion through the restaurant. He tells amazing stories about Pinocchio and the terrible Karabas-Barabas who hid his collection of dolls somewhere nearby. All of this creates a funny atmosphere of a mask theater and turns a visit to the restaurant into a happy celebration. The interior is stylish, decorated with wood and filled with a variety of original elements. The service staff of the Italian restaurant "Vdrova" are nice shepherds, malvines, funny fools, Pierrot, who only respond to the exclamation: "Mama Mio" and answer "UNO momento". WiFi is not available in the restaurant in order to fully involve visitors in the costumed performance. The restaurant is not suitable for negotiations or work meetings because it is too noisy here.
The restaurant-brewery "Pani Fasani"
The restaurant is positioned as a farmer's brewery, which is why the interiors are furnished accordingly: wooden tables, benches, shelves with kitchen utensils, baskets. The atmosphere of the theater prevails everywhere. And in the hall there is a whole shelf along the wall, on which beer mugs are arranged, which are chained with locks. Those who buy a key become owners of their own dishes, from which they drink beer. In the middle of the large room there are grills on which sausages and meat are roasted. While eating, you can enjoy the brewing process for yourself as the huge vats in which beer is brewed are the main element of the interior. The choice of dishes on the menu, served with drinks, is large enough: from rustic zucchini to smoked sturgeon and pork legs. The walls of the "Pani Fasani" restaurant are painted with paintings from the life of the craftsmen or depict fairy tale characters: mermaids, mermen. The waitresses are dressed like young village girls. The location of the restaurant is convenient - right in the center of town.
(Fotos from: https://folloart.com/pani_fazani)
The restaurant "Tsvety"
European, Asian, Mediterranean cuisine. There is also a menu for vegetarians and vegans. The skill of the chefs in this restaurant is confirmed with an award in the "Chef a la Russe" competition. The interior is simple, friendly and close to the idea of nature. The same idea is also similar to the kitchen - the chefs prepare all the fish, with what The Far East is rich. You can order takeaway or order at a specific time. There is also a banquet hall for work meetings or negotiations. The "Tsvety" restaurant is also located on the first floor of the "Khabarovsk-Sity" hotel.
(Fotos from: https://www.dvhab.ru/restoran-bar-cvety#gallery14)
The restaurant "The old mill"
The restaurant is a 15-minute drive from Khabarovsk. It has large, well-decorated territory with cozy arbors, swings, a small birch park and a mill. The two-story restaurant has authentic wooden decorations that create the atmosphere of the story.

"The old mill" offers the guests:
  • European cuisine
  • Vital music
  • Summer terraces
  • Children's playground
  • Driving a double-hulled ship
  • Free parking space
  • Slide and ice rink in winter
The apartment of Pascha Kaiser
The Pascha Kaiser's apartment is a unique project for the Far East. This is an art space of 1300 square meters. The restaurant and bar at the same time. Here, guests can get to know the excellent cuisine and the bright interior, relax and recover from the stress of everyday work. The entire space is divided into locations: kitchen, dining room, living room, game room, music hall and bedroom. These rooms differ from each other externally and in atmosphere, so there is a feeling that there are several institutions. You can cook your own dishes in the kitchen and play table hockey or piano in the play room. The music hall is a large hall for live music. Here you can read poetry, sing karaoke. The dining room is a place for dining by the picture window, there is a TV, board games, and rocking chairs. The menu is constantly changing.
(Fotos from: https://horecatoys.com/)

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