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Hiking in Primorye
Mount Pidan
One of the most mysterious and most visited mountains in the South Coast, height - about 1300 meters is Mount Pidan. It is remarkable with huge stones scattered on the slopes. And his name means "stones cast by God". According to legends, in the times of Bohai, the mountain was sacred, a magic crystal was installed on its top, and only priests could climb to it. And the myth of the flying man who lives here is popular. Also of interest are the large dolmens at the top of the mountain.

(Fotos from: https://primamedia.ru/news/586238/)
The Two Brothers rocks and the Briner lighthouse
One of the most famous places in the Far East until 1997 was sealed on the banknote of Russia. Two rocks majestically rise above the waters of the Sea of Japan in Rudnaya Bay, not far from Cape Briner. The rocks are on a common platform 130 meters from the shore. Their age is estimated at 60 million years. The nearby Cape of Briner are two rocky hills, on one of which in 1950 a lighthouse was built in the form of a white stone tower.

(Fotos from: https://primamedia.ru/news/718047/)
Olkhovaya Mountain
One of the most beautiful peaks of Sikhote-Alin (mountain plateau) is Mount "Olkhovaya". Its height is 1669 meters. The mountain is covered with forest in which cedar and larch, aralia and Manchurian nut, lemongrass and hawthorn, rosehip and wild grapes grow , as well as many berries, including honeysuckle and cranberries. "Olchovaja" is notable for the fact that there are two lakes on the plateau near its top. On the eastern side is Lake Alekseevskoye, and on the southern side there is a small nameless lake. The water in them is suitable for drinking, and in summer you can bathe in it.

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Smolny waterfalls
The waterfalls are located on the Smolny key at the foot of Mount Falaza. The height of the falls from 3 to 6 meters. The uniqueness of meeting each waterfall, the sharpness of emotions and admiration, the "Tibetan" mountain landscape, the crystal purity and the polyphonic murmur of the stream, the rock garden, the tea pavilion and the taiga - hermit - all these encounters will be presented to you on the route present the artist Taiga.

(Fotos from: http://snovadoma.ru/interes/Waterfalls/smolny/)

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