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The islands
Recreation on the islands
Cape of Laplace
Walk slowly along the sea and let yourself be free like a bird for a while. Just be yourself, enjoy the beauty of the coast, hear the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, admire the turquoise waters of the Sea of Japan. Give the gift of a break for the soul and just stop in a hectic rhythm of life. Cape Laplace will impress anyone with its beauty and majesty. In the rocks of the cape live the eagles who have chosen it long enough and rightly call it their home. It is believed that the cape is named after the great French mathematician, mechanic, physicist and astronomer Pierre-Simon Laplace, it is also possible that the cape was named after the French naval officer, navigator, explorer Cyril Pierre Theodore Laplace. Cyril Pierre Theodore Laplace made a major contribution to the emergence of French trade in the Pacific Ocean.

(Fotos from: https://idilesom.com/prim/places/photos/546)
Askold Island
Askold Island is a mysterious island that has changed its name several times since its discovery. Gold seekers called the island "Qingdao", which translated from Chinese means "Green Island". Russian officers called the island "Lighthouse", although there was no lighthouse on the island at the time. English seafarers called the island of Askold - "Endpoint". The history of the island is rich, as is the history of its names. Abandoned beaches, breathtaking landscapes, lost gold mines, old lighthouses, powerful coastal guns and mysterious dungeons - all this can be found on the island of Askold being found.

(Fotos from: https://primamedia.ru/news/726459/)
The Krabbe Peninsula
The Krabbe Peninsula is a wonderful, very beautiful place that has an almost untouched view. Due to the lack of good roads, the peninsula is sparsely populated by tourists, which gives an excellent opportunity to be in unity with nature! The Hassansky district is called «the Blue Pearl of Primorye». There are cozy miniature bays with beautiful sand and pebble beaches; beautiful steep cliffs standing in the sea with caves, arches and bird markets.

Clean sea water and excellent fishing – all this is the Krabbe Peninsula.

(Fotos from: http://ginner.ru/places/krabbe)

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