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Cultural life
The Mariinsky Theater
The Mariinsky Seaside Theater is a concert and theater complex located in Vladivostok. The Mariinsky Seaside Theater is one of the most modern theaters in Russia and the Asia-Pacific region, built in preparation for the 2012 APEC Summit. Picturesquely situated on the hill overlooking the Sea of Japan, the original theater building with a panoramic glass facade has become one of Primorye's most distinctive tourist attractions. The rich repertoire, excellent acoustic properties of the halls and high professionalism of the performers made the Sea Stage one of the most actively developing theaters in Russia.

The settlement of the Old Believers Dersu
Dersu settlement is located in a taiga forest, where there are no shops, no hospital, no mobile communications. Old Believers from South America have been living here since 2009. Their ancestors had to flee abroad in the 1930s when the Bolsheviks began repressing believers. But they have always considered Russia their homeland and have not lost hope of returning. The community consists of 72 people and they are engaged in agriculture.

(Fotos from: https://ruvera.ru/articles/seiy_molis_jdi)
Shtykovskie ponds
More than 40 art objects and photo zones are waiting for you. You won't find one like this anywhere else! On the territory of the park there is a unique collection of compositions on the motives of Soviet cartoons. On the ecological route, the figures of representatives of sea fauna are represented. And the impressive art object is a huge stylized sculpture of the Amur tiger almost 10 meters long.

The territory of the park is filled with amazing examples of modern wooden architecture. Here you will not find a typical house or benches in a traditional shape. Each object is a flight of ideas of designers of the Art Park and creative teams of Vladivostok.

The architecture and design component of the park blends harmoniously with traditional outdoor activities. In winter you come to ski, snowboard, Tübingen, ice skating. In summer there are two pools, a sandy beach on a Big Pond, a huge water slide, boat rental, catamarans, a water taxi. The chain of cafes with cozy halls invites you to enjoy dishes of Russian, Uzbek and European cuisine.

(Fotos from: https://shtprudy.ru/)
Voice inside
Cycle of immersive walks with audio guide in Vladivostok. These are walks that immerse everyone in a philosophical dialogue with themselves. The walks have elements of quest, street performance and mysticism. The walks that leave no one indifferent.

We work with high-tech headphones. We create an individual walk for each participant. In 2 years, the project visited almost 3,000 people. Around 250 walks were carried out. Approximate Duration - 80 minutes.

We currently have two excursions:

- Chinatown. Chinatown right in the center of the port city. With a unique history, myths and legends. To this day, one district in Vladivostok has the mysterious atmosphere of double life and continuous flow of time. In a walk, we invite everyone to make a journey through time. Hear the voices of the streets, smell the smells of the market and marvel at the narrow lanes.

- "City Legends" - a walk in which the secrets of legendary people, whose threads of fate are closely intertwined with the fate of Vladivostok. Were they romantics or adventurers? Why did they only want to meet the sun here and nowhere else? Did the dream that brought you here make you happy? An informative walk about the history of the city and its historical figures.

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