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Vladivostok is one of the largest seaports in Russia, the heart of the Pacific Fleet, a great economic center, a place with many unique structures and natural attractions, with historical and architectural monuments. During the tour to Vladivostok you will get to know this amazing city and its «visiting cards» - the Golden Bridge, Vladivostok fortress, Tokarev lighthouse, viewing platforms, Nikolaev gates and numerous museums. With such an impressive array of attractions, Vladivostok just couldn't help but become a popular vacation destination for tourists. Just in one year, Vladivostok visited more than three million tourists, both from Russia and other countries, especially China, the Republic of Korea and Japan.
3 hours
City tour of Vladivostok
Vladivostok is a city that has made its name in history not only as the base of the Pacific Fleet, a major trading port, and the capital of Primorye, but also as one of Russia's multicultural centers. Due to the distance and the specific location for most Russians, the city has become a real "gateway to Asia" where you can fully feel the breath of the old east. Travelers who are unfamiliar with "Asian motifs" will find further advantages in Vladivostok: Ussurian nature, the generous gifts of the sea, and, of course, impressive works by people. The city has only been open to immigration since 1991. Vladivostok is somewhat reminiscent of San Francisco. The tall hills built by the multi-story houses go to the Golden Horn bay. Closer to the port is the fish market on Admiral Fokin Street. Swim in the warm ocean waters, go to cafes or restaurants, or eat prawns and crabs in beer and bars. Many cafes and restaurants in Vladivostok do not close overnight. Vladivostok does not hide its sights in museums (although there are enough of them in the city), but proudly shows everyone interested. Make your own opinion about the capital of Primorye. For example, to see the architectural heritage of the XIX century, it is worth walking along the oldest street in the city - Svetlanskaya, where merchant houses are located. One of the newest and most extensive structures in Vladivostok is the Russian Bridge. The cable-stayed bridge connecting the city to Russky Island is breathtaking at any time of the day, but especially of course at night when the backlight is on. Well, the most beautiful view of the bridge opens from the lighthouse «The Cat of Tokarev»: the furthest continental point of the city. The "golden bridge" that crosses the Golden Horn bay is 1 km shorter than its "brother" on Russky Island, but it looks no less pompous. If you want to see a panorama of Vladivostok along with the Golden Horn Bay and the bridge, take the cable car to the viewing platform on the top of the Eagle Horn. The unique submarine stands on the banks of the Golden Horn and is one of the most interesting museums. Visitors can go inside and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a heroic time. The submarine is practically untouched by the war, and part of the rooms have been completely preserved in their original form. A cable car is not only a sight, but also a means of transport. The cable car has been operating in Vladivostok for more than 50 years, and it has become a familiar form of transportation for citizens. The cable car is located on the slope of the "Adler" hill and consists of two cars (with a capacity of up to 40 passengers) that travel on one track.

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