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  • small groups
    Kamchatka is an untouched nature paradise. 29 active from a total of 300 volcanoes, the valley that of the Geysire, wide sceneries and a certain loneliness make the Russian peninsula a nice destination.
    Visit incessantly famous Baikal, drive Transsib and visit volcanoes on Kamchatka!

    The thermal springs in Malki are used for a long time for curative baths. On a big area several washbasins with different water temperatures spread. The whole arrangement lies picturesquely by the river Klutschewskaja in which you can observe salmons in the spawn season. Then from here it is not any more far up to the start of your Raftingabenteuers. The river Klutschweskaja flows into the river Bystraja on which the adventure begins. While you are escorted by an experienced coxswain by the light Stomschnellen, you have with some luck the opportunity to observe fishing bears in the river edge salmon. An impressive sight. Because such a salmon also tastes us well, moreover, you have the opportunity to fish. The hinge equipment is put and your guide gives important instructions to you and answers your questions. It is seen exactly to the fact that the hinge regulations are kept. Enjoy by midday a marvellous fish soup or salmon of the campfire. An experienced cook prepares this lusciousness for you.
    1 day
    In the morning arrival in Irkutsk. Transfer to the hotel. City tour. Dekabrist museum. Visit of the market. Night in Irkutsk.
    2 day
    Journey to Listwjanka (village in Baikal), on the way inspection of the open-air museum of Taltsy and afterwards lunch with Russian family. Baikal-museum. Journey with the lift / wandering on the Tscherskij rock. Walk by the village, visit of the Nicholas's church. Night in Listvyanka.
    3 day
    Navigation to Bolschie Koty, a place, on a Goldgräbersiedlung zurückgeht. A schöner travelling path führt here along the Baikalufer, uphill and downhill. Inspection of the village. Lunches with Siberian Spezialitäten. Rückkehr to Irkutsk with Tragflächenboot. Night in Irkutsk.
    4 day
    Day train after Ulan-Ude. Night in Ulan-Ude
    5 day
    Excursion to the Buddhist cloister of Datsan. Visit of the Altgläubigen village with folklore programme and lunch. Meeting with locals. Visit of a typical buryat farm.
    6 day
    Transfer to the railway station and train journey to Khabarovsk
    7 day
    On the train
    8 day
    City tour in Khabarovsk. Khabarovsk is a town directly on the border to China with europäischem face and unique Atmosphäre). You find out this während of the dreistündigen city tour. Orthodox churches, picturesque park and Grünanlagen, Denkmäler (one are shown of it on the 5000-rouble light), the miraculous Amur promenade, in the whole of Russia längste Amurbrücke leave nobody uninterested.
    Amurbrücke museum or Amur navigation.
    9 day
    Take off to Kamtschtka.
    Accommodation at the hotel. Walk by Petropavlovsk. Overnight stay at the hotel.
    10 day
    Controlled excursion to the Awatschinski mountain pass. Lunch during the excursion. Rise to the camel mountain (duration: 15 minutes). Return journey in the town. Dinner. Hotel overnight stay in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
    11 day
    Excursion to the small valley of the Gyisire. You are driven to the observation of the Geysire to the brook Spokoiny with his 40-metre-high waterfall. After you have admired the view of the waterfall and have taken nice photos, return to the car. Then you become the foot of the Goryachaya – the hilltop driven in whose slopes the Werchneparatunskije thermal springs with water temperature of 39 to 70 degrees bubble.
    12 day
    Rafting and fishing on Bystraya river
    We offer you a Rafting in the quieter segments of the river, with Ruderrafts which are steered by experienced guides. During the journey you will enjoy the surrounding untouched nature, observe birds and find possibly the ruler of the Kamchatka wood – brown bears as well as the salmon fish during the spawning season can observe.
    13 day
    Take off Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky — Moscow — Germany.
    Bolschie Koty
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