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and Baikal-Amur-Magistrale
  • small group
    Trip to Siberia to Baikal and train journey with BAIKAL-AMUR-MAGISTRALE and TRANSSIB

    The Baikal-Amur-Magistrale, called briefly BAM, was Soviet large-scale project. She should connect beside the trans-Siberian railway as the second transcontinental route eastern Europe over Baikal with the Pacific. In 2003, after 30-year construction time, was completed the BAM with the completion of the last big tunnel. The biggest part of the distance runs by the huge regions of Jakutien, Tschukotka and Kolyma.

    13-days trip inferred to Baikal and train journey on the distances of the legendary "BAM" and "Transsib" to Vladivostok

    In the programme:
    Fly with this trip to Irkutsk in Baikal. Go on the Baikal-Amur-Magistrale built under big efforts, cross during this trip the wide Amur. Experience in the end a train journey on a section of the trans-Siberian railway to Vladivostok and marvel at at the immense Pacific. Discover untouched nature and deserted width of Siberia in "slow" kind in the train. Their trip begins Baikal with the natural miracle and ends in Vladivostok in the Pacific.

    Reiseroute: Irkutsk - Baikal - Sewerobaikalsk - BAM - Tynda - Komsomolsk on the Amur - Chabarowsk - Transsib – Vladivostok
    1 day: Germany — Moscow
    Flight Deutschland-Moskau-Irkutsk
    2 day: Irkutsk
    Arrival in Irkutsk, meeting with the tour guide (in), transfer to the hotel. During the city tour you experience Irkutsk as one of the nicest towns of the region with her numerous old buildings, monumental buildings and parts of town with pretty small wooden small houses.
    • Inspection of the Dekabristenmuseums and town market.
    Overnight stay at the hotel in Irkutsk.
    3 day: Baikal
    Today you go to Baikal, in a typically Siberian village Listwjanka.
    • Open-air museum of the Siberian wooden architecture Talcy.
    • Lunches with Russian family
    • Journey with the lift on the Tscherskij rock.
    • Walk by the village, visit of the Nicholas's church
    In the late evening you go to the railway station where you cover your train compartment for the journey to Sewerobaikalsk. They go first on the trans-Siberian Magistrale to Taischet. From Taischet you continue your journey on BAM.
    4 day: In the train
    The train goes about Taischet and Bratsk. They go about the 125-metre-high bridge which leads about the Bratsker dam. Overnight stay in the sleeping car in the train.
    5 day: Sewerobaikalsk, Baikal
    In the early morning you come in Sewerobaikalsk. The city of Sewerobaikalsk was built especially for the workers of "BAM". The town is an excellent starting point for excursions to the Siberian wilderness and to Baikal.
    • City tour in Sewerobaikalsk
    • Arrival in a fishing village Baikalskoje.
    • Small wandering
    • Arrival in cape Ludarj where you visit the excavations of a settlement of the prehistoric men.
    • Picnic in the lake (in the good weather)
    6 day: In the train Baikal-Amur-Magistrale
    Today you are brought to the railway station and cover your sleeping car compartment. From Baikal you drive at first just 2,800 km on the "Baikal-Amur-Magistrale". In the direction of Tynda the train through many tunnels on the shore of Baikal drives down.
    7 day: In the train, Tynda
    n the afternoon you reach after 1.318 km of train journey the "BAM" capital of Tynda. Also this town was built as a base for the workers of "BAM".
    • Dinner and overnight stay in Tynda.
    8 day: Tynda
    • City tour Tynda
    • BAM museum
    • In the evening you go again to the railway station and travel on on the "BAM"
    9 day: In the train
    The distance Tynda – Komsomolsk on the Amur is not electrified yet and single-track partly. There are no towns and hardly villages, only infinite taiga with dark spruce forests and bright birch forests.
    10 day: Komsomolsk on the Amur
    • Arrival in Komsomolsk on the Amur (Komsomolsk was founded in 1932 by the communist youth organisation of "Komsomol" and today counts about 350,000 inhabitants)
    • City tour
    • Visit of the weilberühmten KNAM theatre
    • Departure to Chabarowsk
    11 day: Chabarowsk
    • City tour in Chabarowsk. Chabarowsk is a town directly on the border to China with europäischem face and unique Atmosphäre). You find out this während of the dreistündigen city tour. Orthodox churches, picturesque park and Grünanlagen, Denkmäler (one are shown of it on the 5000-rouble light), the miraculous Amur promenade, in the whole of Russia längste Amurbrücke leave nobody uninterested.
    • Amurbrücke museum or Amur navigation.
    • In the evening transfer to the railway station. Departure with "Transsib" in the direction of Vladivostok
    12. day: Vladivostok
    • In the morning arrival in Vladivostok. Transfer to the hotel. This city lies 7 time zones östlich from Moscow by the Sea of Japan.
    • City tour with golden Brücke, lighthouse, cable railway and U-boat museum
    • Navigation in the bay of Vladivostok. As a Höhepunkt you experience the amusing view of the aerie mountain.
    • Boat round trip by größten Far East harbour of Russia and inspection of a fortress arrangement. Vladivostok – Moscow Germany
    • Airport transfer
    Komsomolsk on Amur
    Photos of the tour
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