Russian Far East
Total Population 577.441
Khabarovsk is located on the Amur River
Khabarovsk got its name in honor of the pioneer of Siberia and the Far East - Erofei Khabarov. For several years Khabarovsk has been a leader in the ranking of the most developed cities in Russia.
The pride of Khabarovsk can rightfully be called one of the largest bridges in Russia - the Amur Miracle. This is the largest bridge on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Its length is 2.6 km and its height is 60 m. In 1908, at the World Exhibition in Paris, the Amur Bridge project (like the Eiffel Tower) was awarded a gold medal.
Translated from Chinese, Amur means the Black Dragon River. This name is associated with a beautiful Chinese legend, according to which a good black dragon defeats an evil white. The Amur River is the most beautiful and full-flowing river in Russia. The river takes 4th place among the rivers of Russia and 10th place among the rivers of the world with its' basin area of 1855 thousand square meters. km. There are about 139 species of fish in the Amur River. Along the right bank of the Amur tou can find petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan - monuments of the most ancient civilization, peers of the Egyptian pyramids. Petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan are images of masks, animals, birds, snakes, boats located on large basalt boulders.
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