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  • small group
Wildlife by your own eyes
Fishing for grayling and lenok (Siberian trout). Night picnic in the woods, or visiting professional trapper's cabin, etc.
Russian winter activities
Fishing for grayling and trout, night picnics in the woods, visiting professional trapper's cabin and more.
High-class guides
All tour guides have appropriate qualifications and certificates, most of them underwent first-aid training
1 day
Arrival to Khabarovsk, transfer to the reserve, dinner, accommodation in cottages

Auto - 80 km, Walk - 5 km
2 - 5th days
Four full days at the base with daily tigertracking by fresh tracks using car or snow machine. Putting and checking phototraps.
Following fresh tiger trail by foot or skies.
Night picnic in the woods or visiting professional trapper's cabin. (program is made individually according to the client's wish and interest).

Auto - 80 km, Walk - 5 km
7th day
Transfer to the airport. Departure.

Auto - 80 km, Walk - 5 km
Durminskoye Reserve is in the South-Eastern part of Russia in Khabarovsk Krai located about two hours drive from Khabarovsk city. This is prime Ussuri taiga habitat adjacent to foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range. See Google Earth below for exact GPS location.

47°35'33.9"N 135°35'53.0"E
Photos of the tour
Track of Siberian tiger

Author: Hunting and fishing in Yakutia
Dear lovers of hunting and fishing, admirers of nature!
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